Could I Have That? Blogger Samantha Wennerstrom Shares How To Pack For a Summer Vacay Like a Fashion Pro

Samantha Wennerstrom produces the fashion and lifestyle blog Could I Have That? sharing everything she’s coveting and loving from wardrobe finds and style notes to travel destinations and home design. We asked the well-traveled, Santa Barbara-based mom and blogger to share her essentials for packing for summer trips. Check out her picks here.


1. A simple, yet chic black dress will take you anywhere…
2. Sunnies to go along with a tan…
3. For salty days…
4. Wide leg jeans to pair with blousy tops and and a great pair of heels. 
5. My travel must, a comfortable tee. 
6. When you travel pick footwear that is versatile, like these slides. The less you pack the better. 
7. I’m always cold on the plane so packing a good knit is an essential.

One comment

  1. Little black dress, sunglasses, swimsuits, light blue jeans and graphic t shirt are the essentials of my summer wardrobe. And the most surprise is there have a link, I must take them to fill my closet!!

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