For Your Ears: Goldyn’s 10 YRZZZZZZ Playlist


While we’re gearing up to celebrate Goldyn’s 10th birthday, we put together a quick little playlist highlighting the 2 amazing music acts who will be playing live at our event on June 2nd.  Denver’s OKO TYGRA and RUMTUM are both most definitely on the up-and-up, and most definitely worth checking out if they aren’t already on your radar.


OKO TYGRA standing tall.  Photo by Luca Venter.

OKO TYGRA is a 3-piece dream pop group made up of Joshua Novak, Neil Robertson, and Jeremiah Mora.  The band was born after Novak was in an accident and suffered a life-threatening head injury, inspiring him to go after his true passion and create a “love letter” to bands Cocteau Twins and Slowdive.  OKO TYGRA has played SXSW, UMS in Denver and was accepted into CMJ in New York in 2014 & 2015, making them the only band to represent Denver in the 2014 showcase.  They most recently played at the Treefort Festival, and are currently working on releasing a full length album with producer Jorge Elbrecht.


RUMTUM making magic.  Photo courtesy of the artist.

RUMTUM is the magical creative pseudonym for musician and artist John Hastings, who – among many other talents including visual arts and furniture making – produces incredible, atmospheric electronic music.  Hastings has a unique approach to crafting his melodies, oftentimes recording found objects and handmade instruments.  Inspired by themes like nature and architecture, RUMTUM‘s latest full length release from label Wax Thematique, “Mora Tuga,” is beautiful, lush and imaginative.

Give our Spotify playlist below a listen to hear more from these two inspiring acts (hey, we can’t stop listening…) and be sure to come by our Stay Gold(yn) 10th Anniversary Celebration on June 2nd from 6-9pm at the shop!

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