Goldyn Girl Interview: Minka Sicklinger


Minka wears jewelry by The Woods and her own vintage finds.  Photos by Kristen Hatgi Sink.

Every once in a while we like to feature women who are not only near and dear to the shop, but who have that je ne sais quois about them that just begs to be spotlighted… renowned NYC artist Minka Sicklinger is most definitely one of those women.  It took some noodling around between the two of us to remember just exactly how we met… somewhere between becoming acquainted via jeweler Pamela Love, who is one of Minka’s many well-known tattoo clients, getting tattooed, and bringing her by Goldyn, our paths crossed.  In any case, we became fast friends.  Her presence is eye catching, between her pixie-like body that’s covered in tattoos, her effusive energy and her insanely lust-worthy wardrobe.  Which leads me to one of the most interesting things about Minka… her background, and its relation to fashion.

On her recent visit to Denver, Minka and I spent some time playing around with clothing at the shop – showcasing her incredibly talented styling skills – and I got a chance to find out more about this beautiful creature….


A Megan Huntz jumpsuit is made ever more playful with Helmut Lang shearling high tops and hooded scarf, and loads of jewelry from locals Never a Wallflower and Karli Alfson, shot by Kristen Hatgi Sink

Goldyn:  You’re best known for tattooing, but something not many people know about is your fashion background… can you tell me a little more about what you did in fashion and how you got into that?

Minka:  It originally started when I went to university for photography…. it was when photography was becoming increasingly more digital and, realizing I would have trouble making a solid career in fashion being an analogue photographer, I became interested in a different aspect of it…styling… I ended up working under a great stylist in Melbourne an eventually going out on my own before I left Australia [where Sicklinger was raised]… I lived in Mexico City for a year where I continued to work as a stylist before coming to New York.

Goldyn:  Do you find that your fashion experience influences your tattooing style at all, or more just your personal style?

Minka:  I always had a strong personal style so in that sense styling just became a new medium to work in for me…creating narrative and an aesthetic on the body in a specific staged context…clothing has always been like sculpture on the body  to me.  My fashion experience doesn’t influence my tattoo style but it definitely helps with understanding how designs work on the body…understanding how fabric drapes and alters body proportions is directly relatable to how a tattoo design fits on the body.

Perusing.  Photo by Kristen Hatgi Sink.

Goldyn:  What drew you into tattooing after being in fashion?

Minka:  It was an accident really…I had already been getting tattooed for a number of years and I chose to move on from styling after a year of doing it in New York, and I started working at a tattoo shop as back-of-house help and it went from there…

Goldyn:  Style is still clearly an important part of your identity…. how would you describe your personal style?

Minka:  I just wear what I love…sometimes it’s crazy and extravagant, sometimes it’s very plain and boring…to me if you love everything you wear then it all goes together by default.  I don’t plan outfits, I just put on whatever I feel like on that day..but it is definitely getting more refined and conservative as I get older!


Leather jacket by Veda, culottes by Shaina Mote, mesh top by Lauren Nevada, shearling high tops by Helmut Lang, and antler necklace by Native and Nomad, shot by Kristen Hatgi Sink

Goldyn:  Any favorite designers right now?

Minka:  Always Commes des Garçon and Yohji Yamamoto…Kenzo I love…I wear a lot of Acne Studios and Creatures of Comfort…I’ve always been more about individual pieces though than actual designers so it’s a hard question to answer!  I’m also a big fan of random cheap pieces that are fun to mix with designer clothing…and of course a bit of vintage that i still have floating around…

Goldyn:  What’s been your best clothing find as of late?

Minka:  A few months ago when I found an amazing Rick Owens leather and mohair full length coat in a consignment store in NYC at a fraction of its original price…I rarely wear it but it’s that one thing in your closet that when you put it on you feel like a million dollars!


Shoes by Helmut Lang and Minka’s own assortment of glorious gems to adorn every finger, photo by Kristen Hatgi Sink

Goldyn:  If you could be anything in the world, and money was no object, what would you be doing?

Minka:  Designing extravagant interiors and doing custom tiled floors…and building a cabin in the woods from scratch.


Vintage Kenzo suit, tee by Helmut Lang, brooch by Ora et Labora.  Pic by Kristen Hatgi Sink.

Goldyn:  You’ve been coming out to Denver for a little while now, where have been your favorite spots to hang at here? 

Minka:  Obviously Goldyn, Ritualcravt, Ironwood, Root Down, Black Eye Coffee, City o’ City…and THE MOUNTAINS!!!


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