Playlist: Oh Hey Denver


Denver band DeCollage playing the Bluebird Theater, photo courtesy of Addison Herron-Wheeler from

It’s safe to say that Denver’s music scene is on fire.  To be fair, it’s been smoldering for quite some time.  But lately it just seems that the city’s growth and creative energy have coalesced to create one beautiful, thriving, and collaborative local music industry, as evidenced by the profusion of new bands, collectives, electronic acts, production studios, and even a few new venues.  Feeling inspired, I gathered some of my personal favorites to compile our Oh Hey Denver playlist below, in hopes of sharing some of these newer local discoveries – some very under-the-radar and some more well-known – with y’all.  Click below to give it a listen and discover some local bands that we’ve been jamming out to at the store on the daily 😉

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