Are we nearing the age of enlightenment, has Kundalini taken over our lives, or is the all-white color palette a passing fancy?

I was recently chatting with a friend, when she mentioned that she noticed herself gravitating away from our usual all-black uniform, instead seeking a whiter, lighter color palette in her wardrobe.  The interesting thing is that the same could be said for myself, and I dare say a large portion of the fashion community in general.  “Winter white” has certainly become more and more ubiquitous over the last couple years, and I can’t even count the number of designers whose Fall 16 and Resort 17 lookbooks were shot in a mostly-white color palette.  But what does it mean?  Is there larger significance to the trend?

Art reflects life and life reflects art, as they say, and the same could be said for fashion.  Whatever seems to be going on in the general zeitgeist can undoubtedly be seen in the ways in which we choose to adorn ourselves.  With that in mind, what meaning can be gleaned from the recent shift in color palette to tonal whites and creams?  Are we reaching an age of enlightenment, have we all taken too many Kundalini yoga classes, or is it just happenstance?  I leave the answers to you…..


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