NYFW Day 4 Recap

This week follow Goldyn and our friend and blogger, Laura Krudener from Among the Colors, as we venture through New York Fashion Week.  Each day we’ll be recapping our adventures through 303 Magazine.  Read on below for day four’s review and be sure to check out 303Magazine.com for more.


Sunday was a day to rest and reset from the wild joys and quick pace of Fashion Week.   Our feet, both decorated with blisters could certainly use a day in comfy shoes with a little less walking around. We explored our local hood as well as ventured on the L train to visit friends for lunch and Williamsburg. All and all it was a day to take time to reflect on what we have taken in so far, and prepare ourselves for more goodness tomorrow.

VANESSA: With a break in shows today, I spent the day catching up with some friends and family. This morning I met a fellow Coloradan, Laura Dombrowski from website Couture Colorado, for breakfast at vegan and gluten free-friendly restaurant Hu Kitchen. From there I joined the other Laura (of Among the Colors) at what is probably my favorite store in all of NYC – ABC Carpet and Home (and no, despite the name it’s not all just carpet. I highly recommend checking out their super hip selection of jewelry and clothing as well as decor). The quick stop afforded Laura the opportunity to check out some next-level furniture and décor that simply can’t be found in Colorado for her new basement renovation, and I was happy to help give my 2 cents design-wise.

Ever-so-perfectly distressed Moroccan rugs at ABC Carpet and Home

After making a trip to Brooklyn to visit friends and lunch at Williamsburg restaurant Grand Ferry, I made my way back to Manhattan to join my family for a Rosh Hashanah holiday dinner. Though far from traditional or even religious at all, making time for my family in NYC is a top priority on each trip here. Tomorrow begins my insane week of more shows and back-to-back designer showroom appointments (where the real buying happens), so one last day of respite was welcomed.

Grand Ferry in Williamsburg

LAURA: I started my day with breakfast at the new farm to table concept restaurant, Irvington at W Union Square. I woke up rather early around 7, and it was as if the city had hit the snooze button. My dog and I walked the rather quiet morning streets of New York as the gray clouded skies allowed for it’s dwellers to sleep off the parties and the cocktails from the night before. With my green tea in hand, I settled into the quiet lobby at the W Union Square. This hotel is my favorite of their hotels in the city due to it’s location, but also because of the Art Deco design of this landmark 1911 Beaux-Arts Guardian building. Irvington is a new concept restaurant at the W Union Square where farm to table foods sourced from the Green Market across the street gets a culinary preparation from Chef David Nicols. I couldn’t help but have the baked eggs skillet with avocado, parsley, chickpeas in tomato broth with sausage. It was so good!

Baked eggs

We then went to ABC Carpet and Home. We had been to ABC Kitchen for dinner in the bar and could peep into the space, and since I am in the middle of a basement remodel, I decided to indulge. I began my search with rugs because the rugs here are so unique and well crafted, with a little different twist than most of what I have found in Denver. I need to go back tomorrow, as two hours was barely enough time to scratch the surface of what this 6 floor home décor experience has to offer. From ABC Carpet and Home, we joined friends in Willamsburg for lunch at Grand Ferry Tavern. After a Manhattan and a grass-fed burger, I took the L train back to Manhattan to kick up my feet, blisters and all for the rest of the evening. I ordered take out from Juice Press, my biggest obsession, their vegan kale ceasar salad. Paired with some Pinot Noir and a much welcomed movie on demand, well it’s Sunday Fashion Week recovery at it’s finest.

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