I AM / Esther Kang

No one word can begin to describe Esther.  She is a magical, mysterious, intuitive Cancerian whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing since I first interned under her wing at an advertising agency what seems like an era ago, while back in town on summer break during college.  She was my guide and mentor, my entree into the Denver scene of creatives, and it was with her and through her that I made some lifelong friendships that formed the basis of my ‘family’ in Colorado.  I owe her a lot.  She and I worked together through the formation of her own agency, MIGHTYkarma, which carved a niche for the alignment of higher self and purpose with the world of marketing.  Likewise she was there with me through the birth of my own ‘baby’ of sorts, Goldyn.  Though oftentimes hilarious and lighthearted, make no mistake, Esther is one powerful business woman with a lot of wisdom to share.  In true Esther form, she dropped some serious knowledge – while doing a little impromptu tarot reading of course – as she and I chatted this week for our I AM project.  Read on below.

Esther wears a jumper by Ilana Kohn, caftan by Rodebjer, and necklace by Native and Nomad.

Esther, regal in her living room.  Photos by Sara Ford.

Esther, regal in her living room. Photos by Sara Ford.

Goldyn:  What do you do for a living?  How does that influence your style?

Esther:  I am the founding Cultural Warrior of MIGHTYkarma, and the COO of IntelliSkin. MIGHTYkarma moves and elevates brands. IntelliSkin moves and elevates the human body. I am a business nomad. MIGHTYkarma + IntelliSkin are agents of change in a time where we crave a new way of being, creating, and connecting. As we know, no matter the initiative or the individual, change is an inside job. Style is my way of expressing the change that is constant within me. Where I am, how I feel, and what I want to share is worn on the outside. My sartorial caravan moves seamlessly to where we are needed.

Tarot reader and astrologer extraordinaire

Miss Esther, tarot reader and astrologer extraordinaire

Goldyn:  How would you define your style in a nutshell?

Esther:  Coconut > Versatile. Fluid. Open. Otherworldly. Unexpected.

Goldyn:  I know that you’re an astrology buff… How is your style influenced by the fact that you’re a Cancer?

Esther:  Cancerians are ruled by La Luna. We are also known as moon maidens. Caftans + silks + flowy wraps + ponchos are my warrior garb. Cancerians are also collectors. I believe it is essential to be adored and adorned. My ring + cuff game is a bit overboard these days, but it feels so right. Warrior armor.

Floating across the room

Floating across the room

Goldyn:  What’s your spirit animal?

Esther:  Tigress

Goldyn:  How have you and/or your style evolved since transitioning from being a NYC-based young professional to living and working in Denver?

Esther:  Mmmm, burned my shoulder pads and striped navy suit dresses, made a sharp left at mountain plaid hippie hipster, and stumbled upon the yellow brick road to desert nomad southwest steez.

Esther tells stories about the art in her home

Esther tells stories about the art in her home

Goldyn:  If you could be anyone at any time, who would your fantasy self be (famous or just made up!) and what would she be doing?

Esther:  Warrior Princess from the original realm of the original tribe. In the likeness of great mythic Warrior Women, aka Isis, Persian Queen Esther, Kwan Yin. I would be doing what I do now > slay by day, muse by night. Today, we are called upon to be Warrior Princesses. We know how to wield the blend of feminine and masculine energy to show up for ourselves first, and then others. To radiate our strength and command respect is our birthright. It is our time. Our planet, our children, our souls are suffering from disconnect and neglect. In a time where there are infinitely more ways to connect and communicate, we have lost the essence of connection. A handwritten note, an extra hug for the road, simple eye contact. !¡!Calling all Warrior Princesses¡! < you know who you are > Our day is here, battle with your hearts and free your soul. Love Wastefully.

Our tribe, Warrior Princesses.

Our tribe, Warrior Princesses.

Goldyn:  Are there any favorite projects you’ve done recently that you want to share about?

Esther:  Over the last year, and most intensely the last 6 months, we have completely relaunched the business and brand of IntelliSkin. A complete revolution from the inside out, and the outside in; from brand identity to product design and manufacturing. We started out guiding as MIGHTYkarma, and evolved into leading the day to day trials and triumphs. As COO, my charge was to game change everything. We started with our Essential Bra 2.0. It is hands down the best performance bra on the market. It supports your front with the natural strength of your back, and is the only one of its kind. Our products are tested by pro athletes, and worn by everyone from Serena Williams to Kelly Slater to Harry Styles.

Ganesha and unicorns coincide in Esther's altar

Ganesha and unicorns coincide in Esther’s altar

IntelliSkin is a Human Technology company, and the inventor of Smart Compression and PostureCue™ technology. It is your intelligent second skin. Our StealthWear cues your body’s natural ability to support itself in the most efficient manner by improving posture and alignment. Posture is connected to every aspect of your total wellness. < Good posture is the best style accessory >. The inventor, Dr. Tim Brown, is an extraordinary human. Brilliantly warm, and a next galaxy mind. His tribe is why MIGHTYkarma exists. Our purpose is to translate unique genius into something the rest of us can benefit from and embrace. If you want to STAND TALL, check out IntelliSkin.net

Glowing Esther

Glowing Esther

Goldyn:  You travel a ton… top 3 tips for packing well?

Esther:  Silk everything > light, rolls well, comfortable and refined

Doterra essential oils > Balance + On Guard

Massive silk wool cashmere scarf > a little bit of essential oil on scarf is a nice shield for the airborne germs and recirculated air

Bonus > Gin Gins ginger candy > if you’re hungry, bored or tummy is off

Love, peace, life and karma

Love, peace, life and karma

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