I AM / Santi Devi

Our I AM project continues this week as we speak with healer, mentor, writer and spiritual thought leader Santi Devi.  On a personal note, I’ve been extremely blessed to have known this powerful woman since I was about 15 years old, and she has been a guiding force in my life ever since.  So it was with great pleasure that I had the opportunity to interview her for I AM, and be able to introduce her to all of our Goldyn friends and family.  Read on for a glimpse at her thoughts and wisdom as it relates to her calling, background, grace and style.

Santi wears a striped tee by Iro, leather jacket by Helmut Lang, bracelets and beaded necklace by The Woods, and quartz point necklace with opals by Reliquiae

Santi in her home, shot by Sara Ford

Santi in her home.  Photography by Sara Ford

Goldyn:  What do you do for a living?  How does that influence your style?

Santi:  I am a ‘change agent.’  I act as a catalyst for those who are wanting to experience a greater level of congruency and connection with their True Self.  My work is a dynamic and organic process that deepens awareness, awakens potential and inspires authenticity. There is simply nothing more profound than seeing someone realize their essential nature. With that realization comes a burning desire to express who they are, their innate gifts and abilities, in a meaningful way in the world. How beautiful is that? It is an unparalleled ADVENTURE that I absolutely love!

Above all else it is important to me to be as comfortable in my clothing as I am in my skin, to be genuine. I have to feel good in it or I won’t wear it. I prefer natural fabrics to synthetics, and clothes that move and breathe easily.  In general I rebel against artificial restrictions of any kind so the more my clothing allows me to interface spontaneously with the world the happier I am! I always wear talismans as tangible ‘touchstones’ that keep me ever mindful of what is real.

Santi, reclining

Santi, reclining

Goldyn:  At what point in your life did you realize what your calling was?

Santi:  My ‘calling’ was shown to me as a very young child through my own direct experience. I felt a mysterious and powerful force within me, it was an energy, a ‘presence.’ This presence was intriguing to me, invisible, magical, and omnipresent. This planted the first fertile seed of inquiry, of ‘Who Am I,’ for clearly I was more than my small self.  Thus began my quest to discover the unknown, to venture and explore my own human nature, capacity and potential.  I am ever grateful that my work, my life and my path are intrinsically woven.



Goldyn:  How would you define your style in a nutshell?

Santi:  I am a Bohemian.  I have always dressed to appease the muse in me!  So whatever is a true expression of me in the moment, spontaneously playful and alive.

Goldyn:  What’s your favorite decade and why?

Santi:  I was born in 1960, and it’s my favorite fashion decade. It was a time of growing consciousness, and peace and freedom on every level was revealed as a human need and right. It was a revolutionary time, where convention lost its grasp.  People were experimenting on every level, and a reconnection with a more natural, authentic Self was being birthed.  Inhibition gave way to greater self-expression as a new paradigm emerged.  No coincidence that this is when I arrived!

Santi speaking some profound wisdom

Santi speaking some profound wisdom

Goldyn:  If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go?

Santi:  I would go on a walking tour with the poet David Whyte in Connemara.  I’ve explored Western Ireland but not from his vantage, and I would love to have a week there to write!  Not to mention I love traditional Irish music and musicians, hello Declan!

Goldyn:  If you could be anyone at any time, who would your fantasy self be (famous or just made up!) and what would she be doing?

Santi:  If I could be anyone at anytime I would be my Self. I would be LOVE.  I would be doing all that I am doing now, but I would be traveling, speaking and writing more.  I would be serving a greater number of people, and be sharing all that I know and all that I am in an ever expansive way.

IMG_2301_finalGoldyn:  What do you love about your space?

Santi:  I am a gypsy and have moved more times than I can count!  For me moving into a new space is so freeing, everything is new to me.  I have to figure out where all my things want to live 🙂  Every space I’ve ever lived has been in one way or another magical.  My real HOME is where ever I AM, it really is.  I am currently however imagining a Midcentury Modern find!

Goldyn:  Any words for girls growing up today about style and being themselves?

Santi:  Yes, I want to say… BE YOU!  Be utterly, unapologetically, courageously, YOU!  There is no one else in this world who can be who you are – it’s your assignment so get on with it.  You can find out who you are by being present, by listening deeply to what lives within you, be honest about it and then honor it at all costs!  You will never regret not compromising yourself, or being someone you’re not.  Your work is to be YOU.  Dress to please yourself, experiment, wear what you feel good in, and above all else…. Don’t ever worry about someone else ‘thinks’ about it!  Life will always support you being exactly who you are. xoxo

If you’re interested in working with Santi, you can reach out at santidevi.com or call 303-777-7570


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