I AM / Macky Bennett

This week’s installment of our I AM project finds us talking to Macky Bennett, a neighbor in our Lower Highlands community here at Goldyn.  Macky is an incredibly talented interior designer who also happens to have some pretty amazing personal style.  She is a customer, friend, fellow board member in our neighborhood association, and just a generally active community member and all-around wonderful human being.  Her bright energy is clear immediately upon meeting her and is absolutely contagious.  Read on to learn a little bit more about what Macky had to say on style, as well as her background and interests.

Macky wears a very unique tulle and knit top by Lauren Nevada, metallic leather skirt by Tibi, and jewelry by Andrea Li.  Photography by Sara Ford.

I AM Macky Bennett

I AM Macky Bennett, photographed by Sara Ford

Goldyn:  What do you do for a living?  How does that influence your style?

Macky:  I have an interior design business, Re-Arrangements. I try to look professional and stylish when I meet clients to inspire their trust in my taste.

Goldyn:  How would you define your style in a nutshell?

Macky:  I started reading Vogue in my mother’s womb. Fashion makes me happy and I choose clothes based on what sparks joy.  My style consists of wearing what flatters my assets and camouflages my flaws. I love black and white, gray and orange. My life is pretty casual so I live in jeans and pants, tops and sweaters. I adore coats and jackets. I buy necklaces and hats but never wear them. Bracelets and watches are my passion. Oh, and of course, shoes, boots and purses!

Macky in front of her own painting that sits in her entryway

Macky in front of her own painting that sits in her entryway

Goldyn:  What’s your favorite decade and why?

Macky:  When I look at Impressionist’s paintings I think that the costumes of that era were so graceful and beautiful. Now we dress for comfort and practicality but they were so lovely and romantic.

Goldyn:  Was there a favorite piece from your wardrobe in the past that you wish you still had?

Macky:  I wore a dress to my 1st formal dance that had a silk flowered top and a pink bell shaped burlap skirt. It sounds weird but it was so original and I think it was when I started to express my style.

Goldyn:  If you could be anyone at any time, who would your fantasy self be (famous or just made up!) and what would she be doing?

Macky:  I’d be Michelle Obama. She looks so comfortable in her skin, rocks fashion, loves to dance and exercise and lets the world know what she stands for. She is my ideal of a woman who exudes joy.

Macky wears a top by Lauren Nevada and necklace by Andrea LiGoldyn:  What do you love about your space?

Macky:  Everything! I live in a townhouse with a rooftop deck. We downsized and got rid of everything but the dining room table when we moved here. Choosing all new furniture and designing the space was great fun. I feel happy every time I come home and I adore living in the Lohi Community.

Goldyn:  Any words for girls growing up today about style and being who they are?

Macky:  Style is the ultimate form of non-verbal communication. When people don’t know anything else about you they use their eyes to make an appraisal. Have fun with fashion and dress to express your uniqueness. In the words of Oscar Wilde “You might as well be yourself, everyone else is already taken!”

Macky waxing poetic

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