A Goldyn State of Mind with The Middle Closet Blog

Last weekend we teamed up with sisters Hailey and Paige from The Middle Closet to show how to style one of our favorite wardrobe staple pieces:  Leather leggings from Helmut Lang.  Seriously folks, they go with everything.  Not to mention that they make any outfit, even a plain tee, look that much more bad a$$.  Oftentimes, though, customers ask how to wear them, so we thought we’d illustrate just how amazing and versatile they are (and why we have a wait list for them season after season!)

Throughout this week we’ll be revealing one of our styled looks…. Scroll down to check out our first outfit with Lauren Nevada, Helmut Lang, Ampersand As Apostrophe, Esarsi, and The Woods, modeled here by Hailey, and what The Middle Closet had to say about the look.

From The Middle Closet Blog:

Good morning, happy Monday!

This is an exciting week for us. We’ve partnered with Goldyn, a Denver-based boutique, to style a closet staple in three different ways. Throughout the week, we’ll show you how owner, Vanessa, paired a pair of leather leggings to suit almost any occasion.

First up, the most casual formality of the three. This Lauren Nevada mixed-media top is a little edgy, and also a little feminine (because, what’s more feminine than tulle?). The sporty bra adds another layer of interest. Finally, stacked bracelets featuring raw cut diamonds from The Woods lend a luxurious, but down-to-earth vibe.

Check back on Wednesday for a look that’s totally different, yet equally fashionable!

All looks are available both in store and online at http://www.shopgoldyn.com!

{Lauren Nevada top, Helmut Lang bra top, Helmut Lang leather leggings, Esarsi Suede booties, The Woods square diamond bracelet, charm bracelet, bangle, earrings, Ampersand tote}

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