Have a Nice Afternoon: A Goldyn x Kristen Hatgi Sink Project

We are so excited to present our latest art collaboration with photographer Kristen Hatgi Sink, a stop motion video entitled Have a Nice Afternoon.

Enter the world of Daria and Alex, the modern-day pair. Featuring music by Jeff Cormack of the band South of France, we get to peek as Daria and Alex dress, undress, and go about their day with irreverence and playful nonchalance. This special project highlights clothing from designers Mara Hoffman, Rachel Comey, Helmut Lang, A.P.C., 6397, Shipley & Halmos, Raleigh Denim, Lauren Nevada, and more, paired with jewelry and accessories from Loeffler Randall, Jerome Dreyfuss, Amy J. Metals and Native & Nomad; all available for purchase at Goldyn.

Shot in Denver-based fine artist Laura Krudener’s studio, and featuring her original artwork, the stark contrast between the vibrant clothing and the bare white walls, sleek cement floors and brightly hued paintings makes for the perfect backdrop: a true artist’s loft. Jeff Cormack of South of France was tapped to create music for the project, bringing an additional element of lighthearted pop energy, which was an obvious fit for this whimsical piece. Jeff’s group South of France, a Denver-based indie pop band, has always been a Goldyn favorite. As always, it was incredibly important for Goldyn to support the local Denver arts and music scene by working with and featuring locally based artists and musicians.

Teaming up with renowned photographer Hatgi Sink for this project was also a natural choice. Hatgi Sink and Goldyn owner Vanessa Barcus came up with the idea to use stop motion animation in order to add another level of dimension and sense of movement to the clothing. Using hundreds of shots put in sequence, Have a Nice Afternoon captures a special moment that expresses Goldyn’s essence. Hatgi Sink, a Denver-based artist and photographer, has worked with Goldyn on a variety of projects, including last season’s first-of-its-kind wet plate lookbook, entitled Crowns. Always trying to innovate and create new ideas, this season Goldyn decided to step away from the wet plate technique, a specialty of Hatgi Sink’s, in order to try something more modern, cutting-edge and personal.

Goldyn has decided to stray from the traditional seasonal lookbook approach that most designers and retailers do every season. Rather than developing lookbooks, Goldyn is instead teaming up with high caliber artists, such as Hatgi Sink, to develop art projects that are far more advanced and conceptual, proving further that Goldyn is much more than just a clothing store – it serves as a cultural hub for Denver and the greater creative community, with a huge focus on art and music in addition to fashion – all of which are perfectly balanced in Have a Nice Afternoon.

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