Style Profile: Emily Power

Blouse & cardigan: Thrifted J.Crew Scarf: Her mother's Belt: Urban Outfitters Jeans: Target maternity

Blouse & cardigan: Thrifted J.Crew
Scarf: Hand-me-down from her mother
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Target maternity

This Style Profile has us catching up with Emily Power, blogger of A Denver Home Companion and stay-at-home mom to Ramona and baby number two, due in March. Her husband is a co-owner of Crema Coffee House and The Populist, both on Larimer in Denver.

We meet at LoHi’s Black Eye Coffee, and Emily’s easy smile and vibrant outfit provide a dash of sunshine on the unforgivingly cold (for Colorado) November day. Just a few minutes with Emily make it clear that she relishes every opportunity life brings her way, whether it’s watching her vibrant two-year-old Ramona thrive, or treasure-hunting for hidden gems in thrift stores. Below are her thoughts on suburban thrift shops, pregnancy style, and the merits of shopping on Instagram.

What inspires you to get dressed in the morning?

I worked in a fine-dining restaurant for a long time and always had to get dressed up for my position as a host. So at home, I tended to keep it casual: stretchy, comfy clothes or plain t-shirts and jeans. But then I left work to have my little girl and be a stay-at-home-mom and realized, very quickly, that the day would feel better if I found and took the time to put myself together. More effort has, since then, been put into my wardrobe so I can feel more put together and not so harried — even if I’m just spending many days hanging out with my daughter.

Describe your personal style.

My style is pretty low-key and classic. My wardrobe consists mainly of flats and skinny jeans with some stretch to the fabric. I typically pair these with a nice blouse or classic tee and a cardigan. I get more creative with accessories, like scarves and shoes.

I attribute my mother letting me dress myself to coming into my own style. Though I stick with more classic colors and cuts, I still try to find items that not everyone is wearing. Off-the-rack can be great for some basics, but finding that one-of-a-kind treasure that is still going to withstand years in my wardrobe and help me show-off my personality and style-voice is definitely what I’m after.

Talk a little bit about your maternity style.

Gap, though not a store I usually do much shopping at, has fantastic maternity basics, as does Target. American Apparel, if you buy up in size, also has great basic options for amping up a baby-belly wardrobe. I also try to work with what is already in my closet. For instance, this blouse [referring to her blue silk J.Crew blouse] is great because I can belt it right above the waist, it still covers what needs to be covered, and shows off the bump.

How does style fit into your life?

This sort of goes with the first question, what gets me dressed in the morning: I prefer to feel put together and that tends to involve more than just putting whatever on in the morning. I want my style to say something! Coupled with this is the vibrant community my husband and I are a part of. It’s a stylish and well-connected one and so I would prefer to run into people while out-and-about with an outfit on, not just something I threw on. Perhaps that sounds silly. But being a blogger and a small business owner, it’s important to me to present a unique, stylish, effort to those I run into around Denver for various reasons. Whether we like it or not, we’re judged by our appearance and I want to be sure I’m giving the right impression.

What are your favorite stores?

Goldyn, of course. For their J. Brand jeans, Vince tops, and ELC shirts for my husband.

Definitely thrift stores. (The best ones are the ones in the suburbs as they’re likely to be less picked over. I prefer ARC.) Sweaters, vintage, accessories. They’re great because the prices are affordable and the treasure hunt is thrilling. Also, if you find something that works for you, you’re almost guaranteed no one else will be wearing the same piece. One of my best finds? I once found a 100% cashmere Burberry scarf for $5.

Shoes: Thrifted "old-lady" flats

Shoes: Thrifted “old-lady” flats

And don’t laugh, but I’ve started buying stuff on Instagram. Someone posts a picture of an item for sale, and you want it? You comment with your email. They send you a PayPal invoice and, once paid, they ship you the item. I’ve gotten some booties, some maternity tops, and some clothes for my little one this way.

Anything on your must-have list for this season?

I really want some nice leather boots – ones that are worth re-soling when they wear out. I also have neglected my jewelry collection. It’s mostly brass, which is fine and affordable and looks fun. But I’d like to get serious about investing in some more precious pieces that can look terrific on and then will be fun to pass onto my children.

Take a look at Emily’s blog at click here and here to visit the websites for her husband’s coffee shop and restaurant.

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