Style Profile: Glorianna Schinagl


Blouse: Carol Little
Skirt: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

by Julia Cardi

Name: Glorianna Schinagl, blogger, Denver

On this installment of Style Profiles we feature Glorianna Schinagl, blogger of and Supermom to one of the Mile High City’s most stylish babies. I meet Glorianna at Novo, a brand-new coffee shop on 6th Avenue. Novo is all about rich wood and clean lines, and I’m munching on an almond scone when Glorianna glides into the sun-drenched coffee shop with her well-dressed tot in tow. She’s the picture of chic femininity in a bright printed Carol Little wrap blouse and 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target swishy skirt.

Glorianna talks easily and colorfully (pun intended?) about her style. Case in point – her four-month-old daughter, Remy, wears a stack of bracelets that she refers to as an “arm party” with a warm smile that’s as vibrant as Glorianna herself.

What inspires you to get dressed each morning?

My style has evolved since having my baby in May. I enjoyed my pregnancy; I got to stay home and really focus on myself.

Now, I miss having a reason to dress up. I tend to dress for the occasion at hand – my style is based on function. I won’t lie – the yoga pants make an appearance from time to time! Since Remy was born, I’ve grown to really like separates. I love color and patterns. I also love playing dress-up with the baby.

How do you see style fitting into your life?

Since I started Fashion Folio in 2009, I’ve gotten married, bought a house, moved out of downtown, and had Remy. Because my life has changed so much, and my aesthetics have evolved, having read many blogs since then and working on my own, I have ideas for a new blog or website. I’m hoping to launch it by November 1st. This blog is going to be more all-encompassing. Fashion is definitely at the forefront and an inspiration, but with more lifestyle sprinkled in.  Things I do in Denver, places I go, people I meet, art, books, food, baby…

For me, fashion is a lifestyle rather than an art form. I didn’t want to lose the things I love because of the baby. I definitely want fashion in my life, and want my daughter to think she has a fashionable mom. My mom always encouraged me to play with it and create a unique identity. She wasn’t into fashion herself, but liked that I liked it.

Describe your personal style.
(laughs) There definitely have been some terrible decisions in fashion choices. I would say my style was honed in my 20s when I had a mortgage job. So it came through being around corporate style, in college, and working in retail at Nordstrom and Diesel.

My style changes day-to-day. I go from girly to the androgynous-French-girl thing to trying boho. But I guess I’m more classic than I think – I love skirts and separates, as well as color, structure, shape, and quality fabric.

What are your favorite brands?
I love J.Crew and Madewell. Along with Custo Barcelona, Carven, SUNO, Tibi – such beautiful colors. And Diesel. I also love Target for the occasional designer collaboration piece. I’m all about thrifting and sales, but I’m not the girl who haunts eBay. I love the sales at Anthropologie and the annual sales for Dress for Success, and the sample sales that Katie Gartner of Frock Shop sales puts on quarterly. I found this Milly for Banana Republic maxi dress on sale for $12 – it’s teal and white with accordion pleats. It’s great with the baby.

I spent time in Italy and Spain for my honeymoon, and I love Italian brands – Miu Miu, Gucci, Prada. But I also like discovering up-and-coming or obscure brands.

What’s on your must-have list right now?
A good leather jacket. Some good leather riding boots – black and brown; either Franco Sarto or Stuart Weitzman. I just bought a leather bag. I love good ones, and I want a satchel. I guess I go for shape in bags, rather than brand.

I also want to shop for a couple of great pairs of new denim, preferably higher rise. Now that I am a mommy going to Gymboree classes and crawling on the floor, nobody wants to see a “plumber” crack, as my husband calls it. I’m thinking Madewell – I have a pair of their Skinny Skinnys and they are incredible!

I’m always looking for great, thin, sweaters.  Surprisingly as a Colorado native, I don’t have a whole lot of sweaters.  It gets too hot, so I end up layering and wearing a lot of tees with light jackets.  For Remy, I’m looking for quality leggings and a cozy Sleep Sack by Halo for bedtime.  I thought I was set until she is one, but she is growing like a weed and is long for her age so she is already in her 6-12-month clothes!  I love her in leggings, funky long-sleeved tees and cute shoes.

The Close-Up:


Earrings: Madeleine O’Connell

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Pants: H&M Shirt: 3 Pommes Moccasins: Native American-style from a Colorado festival Headband: Homemade

Pants: H&M
Shirt: 3 Pommes
Moccasins: Native American-style from a Colorado festival
Headband: Homemade

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