Style Profile: Cat Tatman

Introducing Goldyn’s Style Profiles, bringing the fashion scoop on Denver’s movers and shakers. We’ll talk to some of the best-dressed people we know about their personal style, favorite brands and places to shop. First up is Cat of Denver’s The Scout Guide. So get inspired by their stories and discover new stores and brands!

Name: Cat Tatman, Editor of The Scout Guide

Cat (left) & Goldyn Marketing Director Courtney Parker at a recent store event

Cat (left) & Goldyn Marketing Director Courtney Parker at a recent store event

 How would you define your personal style?

I’m definitely not too girly. I like drapey silhouettes and interesting cuts,  and I gravitate toward grays, blacks and whites. Sometimes a little pink. I  tend to go for basic pieces and accessorize with lots of jewelry; I find  myself buying more jewelry than anything else, really.

I love summer because I get to go sleeveless. But I love fall for the boots. I  just bought these Loeffler Randall boots from Goldyn. The black ones  with the three gold buckles up the side? I’m resisting the urge to wear  them right now. They’re a little too heavy for summer, but when  September hits I’m sure I’ll be wearing them all the time. Motorcycle  boots are one of my staples.

 How do you see style fitting in to your life?

I mean, I don’t really try to make a statement. It’s just nice to have pieces  that make you feel good; that you identify with for whatever reason. I’m  definitely not averse to being trendy, but mostly I buy pieces that I think  I’ll like just as much in five years as now.

 What are some of your favorite stores and brands?

I’m a huge Goldyn fan. The Woods, CLP and Lizzie Fortunato are some of  my favorite jewelry brands from the store. I also like Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester. Also, have you heard of Raquel Allegra? She does these awesome distressed basics. I also love Alexander Wang. You can’t go wrong with T by Alexander Wang.

Are there any pieces you think are worth investing in?

Definitely. I tend to spend money on good shoes and boots, also jackets and blazers. And a great pair of leather leggings.

Can you identify a time when you really started caring about fashion, more than you had before?

(Laughs) Eighth grade. When I got my first pair of dyeable pumps. The ones with the super-pointy toes and little heels? You could get them dyed any color you wanted. That was when Guess was first big. I want to say Claudia Schiffer was the face of the brand then. Everyone wore Guess skinny jeans with the zippers at the ankle with dyeable pumps.

The Close-Up:

Bracelets: The Woods

Bracelets: The Woods

Necklace: The Woods

Necklace: The Woods

Shoes: Loeffler Randall

Shoes: McQ Alexander McQueen


  1. Love this! Cat always looks fabulous every time I see her, so a perfect choice to profile right out of the gate! Looking forward to mor eof these reads!

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