Thursday, July 25: Gabriel Conroy Trunk Show

Gabriel Conroy trunk show invitation

Goldyn presents another special opportunity to meet one of the designers featured in the store. Next Thursday the 25th, come meet Gabriel Conroy and browse his latest collection! For more of the scoop on the man behind the brand, read our short interview with Gabriel below and check out the photographs of some of his newest pieces. We promise, they’re just as beautiful in person.

Interview With Gabriel Conroy

Q: Can you talk a little bit about what inspires you for your designs? Is there anything you come back to season after season?

GC: Yes, I’m sort of designing one ongoing collection as opposed to a brand new collection every 4 months.  I feel I have settled into a specific look and fabrication.  A piece that I designed a year ago would work with something I’m doing today.

Q: In your view, are there any underlying principles or elements that any amazing piece of clothing must follow? In other words, what guides you toward perfecting an individual design?

GC: I think it’s just good fabric used in a way that flatters the form or gives the wearer comfort and confidence.  I’m not so focused on being an individual right now, I’m more focused on making a quality product that is easy to live with.

Q: On your website, you talk about now focusing on ready-to-wear collections. From your years in couture work, what have you learned about the way women view clothing in the context of their lifestyles and how they relate to their wardrobes? How does this translate into your ready-to-wear lines?

GC: I think that fashion can be an escape or a distraction.

Q: Describe the ideal Gabriel Conroy woman. Who is she, and what does her lifestyle look like?

GC: My ideal “woman” as you describe knows exactly what she needs in terms of clothing.  She shops for pieces that fit her needs but is not caught up in trends.  She understands the beauty and value of fabric as well as design.  She is a conscientious shopper who seeks out products made in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

Q: Also on your website, you mention your preference to use fabrics manufactured using socially and environmentally responsible means. Corporate social responsibility is something that both businesspeople and corporations are really paying attention to now. Can you expand on what social and environmental responsibility mean to you? What obligations do you think businesses have in this realm?

GC: I think every person has to define for themselves what it means to be socially and environmentally responsible.  There is a lot of finger pointing and judgement when it comes to these issues.  Every one wants to be the “most eco” person or business; sometimes as they strive to be more “eco,” a whole new set of environmental issues are created.  I just feel inspired to do my little part.  I would never use a fabric just for the sake of being “eco”, it has to be eco and comfortable.  I do try to avoid using fabrics that I know are very “toxic” to the environment.

Gabriel Conroy 1

Gabriel Conroy 2

Gabriel Conroy 3

Gabriel Conroy 4

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