Spring Tease: Girl. By Band of Outsiders.


“What Ralph Lauren does is brilliant. But it’s a fantasy of being wasp or rich. I address these cliches. It’s postmodern…” says designer Scott Sternberg of Girl. by Band of Outsiders. This contemporary label possesses somewhat of a cult following, and we’re bringing it straight to you. Sternberg finds that he is most comfortable with preppy clothes, which is emulated by the modern aesthetic and fantastic tailoring that you’ll find in his pieces. Simplicity by no means leaves you short on detail. The blush toned blazer displays feminine back pleating, the tank is lined with asymmetrical satin, and the two-toned black and white mini dress comes tailored with pockets. I don’t know about you, but I have a weakness for any dress with pockets.

These featured pieces aren’t even on the site yet, so we’re teasing you a bit. For those of you in the neighborhood, stop by to see for yourself, because this line is a recipe for a solid wardrobe foundation. Simplicity never goes out of style, and Girl. does it right. Sternberg states, “I love a great pair of tailored shorts. And, I love when they’re maybe a little too short. That’s never killed anyone,”  here at Goldyn, we agree. Modern classics with an edge. All too perfect?







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