NYFW Day 6 Recap

VANESSA: Today was my last day of Fashion Week runway shows, though certainly not my last day of jam-packed, back-to-back showroom appointments. As a buyer these NYC trips are oftentimes long and a bit grueling, as glamorous as they perhaps seem. With Laura from Among the Colors now gone, I was left to fend for myself (sniff sniff).

The day started off with a showroom visit to see hip handbag line KARA, whose minimalist aesthetic and utilitarian functionality is just the right fit at Goldyn for our down-to-earth Colorado women. Their Spring collection showcased some bold new shapes, such as a funky circular clutch, but of course their signature backpacks were still a key component. We also noted bold pops of red, which ended up being a common theme throughout the day.

KARA Spring 2016

KARA Spring 2016

Next I popped over to Goods and Services Showroom to visit our friend and longtime Goldyn designer Pamela Love, along with a few other up-and-coming brands that the showroom represents. Pamela’s Spring Collection, entitled Duality, featured a surprisingly pared down, minimalist aesthetic that was quite refreshing for this designer who is generally known for her Southwest-inspired look. I thought the evolution for her brand was incredibly on-point and definitely sellable, particularly the chain link earrings that one ‘threads’ through ear piercings. Genius.

Pamela Love donning her newest creation

Pamela Love donning her newest creation

After Goods and Services I ran over to see fashion-insider brand Creatures of Comfort, whose runway presentation I had attended last week. Their Le Corbusier-inspired collection featured pops of graphic, modernist prints amidst the collection’s oversized, drapey silhouettes in natural linens, cottons and silks.

My last stop of the day brought me to a gorgeous presentation from cult denim line Simon Miller, a 2014 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist, set atop the old Bell Laboratories building on the Hudson River. Models stood on pedestals donning the collection’s hand-distressed Japanese denim in varying wide leg and slouchy shapes. The presentation hammered home the fact that pant shapes seem to be transitioning toward the wide, and slowly but surely away from the skinny (though likely not completely, as the skinny has become a staple for most). It’s something I am personally quite ready for, and I think our customers of varying ages and shapes will agree. After downing a delicious mezcal drink on the rooftop patio and running into a few old fashion friends, I headed back to reflect on the week.

Simon Miller Spring 2016 presentation

Simon Miller Spring 2016 presentation

My overall takeaway from this Fashion Week was the pleasant recognition that some of my favorite trends which I saw beginning as seedlings this Fall seem to be the ones gaining speed and sticking around for Spring…. Subdued colors and earthy tones, often in shades of nude and blush (though occasionally with a bright red accent), wide legs and oversized yet seemingly lean, diaphanous shapes with long layers done in a way that still creates shape and movement. Though I can’t say I saw anything too groundbreaking happening, I’ll happily take this overall emphasis on comfort and ease that I find to be quite elegant and sophisticated.

NYFW Day 5 Recap

Today marks the beginning of New York Market Week, aka where the real business of fashion begins. With NYFW and Market Week overlapping this season, our schedule officially went into full tilt.

VANESSA: This week the fun and glamour of the runway shows turned into the down-to-business work of reviewing collections and writing Spring orders as Market Week began. Today was a jam-packed day of appointments right off the bat, which included checking out a few Goldyn mainstays as well as a couple newer brands.

First stop was the very progressive, directional showroom Maryam Nassir Zadeh, where I got to peruse the gorgeous, handmade knits from Lauren Manoogian. Lauren’s knits, though fashion-forward, are very wearable and great for layering in a snowy place like Colorado. Her muted color palette definitely seemed on point with the zeitgeist of the collections this season.

Lauren Manoogian at MNZ Showroom

From MNZ I made my way over to Findings Showroom to check out bohemian-chic collection Ulla Johnson, as well as cult handbag label Jerome Dreyfuss. Both did not disappoint. Ulla offered up a perfect assortment of peasant blouses and lace, mixed with some stunning saffron-colored silks that would surely be a hit with our Colorado fashion hippie set. Jerome Dreyfuss’ buttery soft leather bags were equally as suited for the Goldyn girl, with the perfect balance of functionality, understated elegance and chic style.

In between appointments I made a mad dash to see the always playful runway show of fashion darling Jeremy Scott. As promised, the show was a wild ride of over-the-top vampy glamour and kaleidoscopic colors – a visual candy store, if you will. Leave it to Mr. Scott to bring the sartorial party and remind us not to take ourselves too seriously.

Next up was Goldyn best-seller Rachel Comey, whose Spring collection featured a spectrum of blushes, nudes and indigos in oversized, flowy shapes which always manage to ride the line between playfulness and sophistication. Art teacher chic in the best way possible. I especially dug her shoulder cutouts and jumpers in this season’s group.

Shoes at Rachel Comey

The last appointment of the day had us checking out up-and-coming designer Haus Alkire, whose absolutely stunning Spring collection featured digital prints taken by the designers’ husband of the Central Park Conservatory. Her unbelievably luxurious silks and super unique use of textiles had our jaws dropping. Now off to dinner with the family again before getting some rest for yet another busy day of appointments tomorrow….

LAURA: Day 5 is my last day in New York. This city has a certain air about it that converges so many different types of people, ideas and creative output together. On my last day in NYC I took in some market research with a few of my favorite designers, worked out, and walked around to simply take in the uniqueness that is New York City.

I started my day at SLT with a merciless workout, and rewarded myself with my favorite NYC treat, Juice Press. Juice Press is an institution in New York. With over 10 stores all over the city, the amount of vegan, raw, good-for-you goodness that pours out of their locations in stunning.

I walked my way over to the Meatpacking District for the afternoon. This little nook in the city is full of boutiques and hot spot eateries. I spent some time scoping the current Fall 15 collections of Rag and Bone, Trina Turk, Vince and Rebecca Taylor. I was most taken by Rebecca Taylor’s collection. There was an emphasis on neutrals, sheer texture and subtle patterns. Not too far from some of what I have seen continuing into spring at both runway shows at Mara Hoffman and Tibi. There were also some fun punches of 70’s inspired patterns, colored pale blue fur, and layered pieces. After browsing the boutiques, I headed over to Spice Market for a little hour reset with a ginger margarita and salmon tartare. The people watching outside on the patio was amazing, as bloggers and fashion goers scurried down the streets leaving the latest shows at Milk studios.

I finished off the evening with Goldyn Guy, Caleb Tillapaugh, as we ventured to Soho’s new Hugo Hotel for drinks. There is a lot of NYFW buzz around this new hotel, including exclusive coverage by designer/blogger Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad. We then strolled to the Lower East Side for dinner at one of my favorite spots in the city, The Fat Radish. The Fat Radish is something you might expect to see in Denver, and if you did it would be full all the time. A British cuisine meets farm-to-table concept that is an industry favorite. I can’t come to New York without visiting this darling Soho gem. With a rustic vibe full of all local farm greens and macrobiotic plates of the day, it is an easy retreat from the city and a perfect way to reflect at the end of an inspired trip.

NYFW Day 4 Recap

This week follow Goldyn and our friend and blogger, Laura Krudener from Among the Colors, as we venture through New York Fashion Week.  Each day we’ll be recapping our adventures through 303 Magazine.  Read on below for day four’s review and be sure to check out 303Magazine.com for more.


Sunday was a day to rest and reset from the wild joys and quick pace of Fashion Week.   Our feet, both decorated with blisters could certainly use a day in comfy shoes with a little less walking around. We explored our local hood as well as ventured on the L train to visit friends for lunch and Williamsburg. All and all it was a day to take time to reflect on what we have taken in so far, and prepare ourselves for more goodness tomorrow.

VANESSA: With a break in shows today, I spent the day catching up with some friends and family. This morning I met a fellow Coloradan, Laura Dombrowski from website Couture Colorado, for breakfast at vegan and gluten free-friendly restaurant Hu Kitchen. From there I joined the other Laura (of Among the Colors) at what is probably my favorite store in all of NYC – ABC Carpet and Home (and no, despite the name it’s not all just carpet. I highly recommend checking out their super hip selection of jewelry and clothing as well as decor). The quick stop afforded Laura the opportunity to check out some next-level furniture and décor that simply can’t be found in Colorado for her new basement renovation, and I was happy to help give my 2 cents design-wise.

Ever-so-perfectly distressed Moroccan rugs at ABC Carpet and Home

After making a trip to Brooklyn to visit friends and lunch at Williamsburg restaurant Grand Ferry, I made my way back to Manhattan to join my family for a Rosh Hashanah holiday dinner. Though far from traditional or even religious at all, making time for my family in NYC is a top priority on each trip here. Tomorrow begins my insane week of more shows and back-to-back designer showroom appointments (where the real buying happens), so one last day of respite was welcomed.

Grand Ferry in Williamsburg

LAURA: I started my day with breakfast at the new farm to table concept restaurant, Irvington at W Union Square. I woke up rather early around 7, and it was as if the city had hit the snooze button. My dog and I walked the rather quiet morning streets of New York as the gray clouded skies allowed for it’s dwellers to sleep off the parties and the cocktails from the night before. With my green tea in hand, I settled into the quiet lobby at the W Union Square. This hotel is my favorite of their hotels in the city due to it’s location, but also because of the Art Deco design of this landmark 1911 Beaux-Arts Guardian building. Irvington is a new concept restaurant at the W Union Square where farm to table foods sourced from the Green Market across the street gets a culinary preparation from Chef David Nicols. I couldn’t help but have the baked eggs skillet with avocado, parsley, chickpeas in tomato broth with sausage. It was so good!

Baked eggs

We then went to ABC Carpet and Home. We had been to ABC Kitchen for dinner in the bar and could peep into the space, and since I am in the middle of a basement remodel, I decided to indulge. I began my search with rugs because the rugs here are so unique and well crafted, with a little different twist than most of what I have found in Denver. I need to go back tomorrow, as two hours was barely enough time to scratch the surface of what this 6 floor home décor experience has to offer. From ABC Carpet and Home, we joined friends in Willamsburg for lunch at Grand Ferry Tavern. After a Manhattan and a grass-fed burger, I took the L train back to Manhattan to kick up my feet, blisters and all for the rest of the evening. I ordered take out from Juice Press, my biggest obsession, their vegan kale ceasar salad. Paired with some Pinot Noir and a much welcomed movie on demand, well it’s Sunday Fashion Week recovery at it’s finest.

NYFW Day 3 Recap

This week follow Goldyn and our friend and blogger, Laura Krudener from Among the Colors, as we venture through New York Fashion Week.  Each day we’ll be recapping our adventures through 303 Magazine.  Read on below for day two’s review and be sure to check out 303Magazine.com for more.


Today we had back-to-back fashion shows, in true New York Fashion Week form. The air was electric with the threat of rain and the continuous clicks of paparazzi cameras trying to catch a glimpse of the stylish show goers and bloggers. Our first show was Tibi, followed immediately by Mara Hoffman.  It was definitely a fun hustle to join the madness of people scurrying from one show to the next. Post shows, we took retreat at The Standard Grill and the ever-cool cocktail lounge at the Jane Hotel, awaiting the Collina Strada show soon to follow at Milk Studios.

VANESSA: Today’s shows were a continuous flow of good vibes… First up, Tibi brought a beautiful, very wearable collection of flowing silks and linens in nudes and washed out tones that slowly progressed into more saturated, sherbet hues. An optimistic viewpoint for the future was noted in the designer’s statement, which was definitely reflected in the lightweight, transcendent designs.

Tibi Spring 2016 runway

Tibi Spring 2016 runway

Tibi Spring 2016

Tibi Spring 2016

Mara Hoffman’s spring collection felt like a refreshing evolution for the line. Walking in, one was greeted by a wheat field and blue sky backdrop, which immediately brought me home. [Quite overt] direct references to Willie Nelson, with his music playing along with covers from Janis Joplin and others, helped set the scene. It was an incredibly fun, upbeat vibe that only continued the positive mood from earlier in the day.

Mara Hoffman Spring 2016 runway

Mara Hoffman Spring 2016 runway

Mara Hoffman Spring 2016

Mara Hoffman Spring 2016

After drinks and a bite from The Standard Grill and the bar at the Jane (my personal favorite spot on the West Side), we made our way to Milk Studios for the Made fashion shows, aka the spotlight for younger, up-and-coming designers. Goldyn designer Collina Strada’s presentation was set amidst a backdrop straight off of planet Mars, with atmospheric music to suit. The collection was pure Collina; designer Hillary Taymour’s signature minimalist aesthetic set in leather and sheer organza, with an updated color palette that perfectly suited the mood of the season – that being nudes and muted, natural tones. Otherworldy to say the least.

LAURA:  The Tibi show contemplated our relationship to the future through sheer and flowy silhouettes, muted palettes and a dash of sequin sparkle.  I was intrigued by the use of off the shoulder sleeves as well as bermuda length shorts.  The pale pink sequin jumpsuit was my favorite. Such an ethereal and perfectly minimalist show.  Mara Hoffman started out with Willie Nelson tunes playing as the crowd strolled in, setting the tune for a laid back atmosphere.  I was so pleased to see the “Willie Nelson” theme continue into the show with tunes blazing, and braids hanging well to the waist line.  My favorite prints were the abstracted peonies pattern and the clouds prints.  Take me to your cloud please. The flawy-themed silhouettes and muted palettes continued from Tibi to Mara Hoffman, as well as Collina Strada.  Collina Strada presented at Milk Studios an other-worldly collection of sheer dresses and flared leather pants with boxy tops. It was as if the girls had  just landed off a meteor, with silk dusted hands in front of a magenta florescent rock.  We finished the evening with martinis at the Gramercy Hotel’s Rose bar. A refreshing retreat after an inspired day.

Laura's look at Tibi

Laura’s look at Tibi

Outside of MADE at Milk Studios

Outside of MADE at Milk Studios

Collina Strada's Spring 2016 presentation at Milk

Collina Strada’s Spring 2016 presentation at Milk

NYFW Day 2 Recap

This week follow Goldyn and our friend and blogger, Laura Krudener from Among the Colors, as we venture through New York Fashion Week.  Each day we’ll be recapping our adventures through 303 Magazine.  Read on below for day two’s review and be sure to check out 303Magazine.com for more.


Today even the hustling fashion industry slows down, with very few shows and events happening on what should be a day of remembrance; September 11th. We took this brief break in the shows to have a little down time, explore, and get inspired.

VANESSA: Today, with no runway shows scheduled for the designers I’m here to see, I took the morning to spend time with my NYC-based family, and then the better part of the day visiting the brand new Whitney Museum that just opened in the Meatpacking District. It was an apropos way to spend September 11th, as the Whitney focuses solely on American art and happened to be housing a retrospective on the history of American art from the 20th Century onward. Not only was art from the likes of Rothko, Marisol and Chuck Close inspiring, but the views of the city were pretty awe-inspiring themselves. The swaths of color from many of the Abstract Expressionist paintings (which I gladly took Laura’s recommendation to go see), particularly this one pictured from de Kooning, definitely evoked a lot of the same color palettes and modernist, minimal designs from our current Fall collections that are just hitting the racks (hello, nudes, blushes and greys of Rachel Comey and Mara Hoffman). Many collections this season have cited this movement as an inspiration, so I gladly took the opportunity to view these inspirations in person.

de Kooning's colors

de Kooning’s colors

Before heading to grub some Ethiopian food in the East Village for dinner, I made a special pit stop at Le Labo to grab my favorite perfume, Santal 33 (which sadly can not be found anywhere near Denver), and peeped a few of my favorite NYC stores along the way, such as Love Adorned and Warm. It’s always fun to see the creative ways they merchandise their wares. Then it’ll be dinner and an early night for me, as tomorrow is jam packed with shows and designer meetings.

Le Labo in the Bowery

Le Labo in the Bowery


With an open schedule, I started the day with a pause to sweat it out at New York’s cutting edge fitness experience, SLT. Being a huge fan of Denver’s Lagree Method studio, Fierce45, I was excited to see where the inspiration came from, and I wasn’t disappointed. I sweat, I shook, and I burned. Or as they call it, I strengthen, I toned, and I lifted. After my workout experience, I headed to my favorite café in New York, a fully paleo-gluten free cafeteria called Hu Kitchen. As a gluten free foodie, this place delights with an entire menu in which I can have anything on the menu, including the turmeric chicken with summer slaw I devoured this afternoon.

In the afternoon, my yorkie, Jazzy, and I headed uptown to Midtown to check out the merchandising at Bergdorf Goodman. I can never truly come to New York without visiting this unique landmark and seeing the talented merchandising and storytelling that takes place both in the windows and throughout the stores. Today I was taken by surprise in discovering the talented designer, Alex Verley Pietrafesa of Alix of Bohemia. Alix was presenting the most well-crafted and thoughtful jackets I have even had the pleasure of seeing. It was as if I had been transported into an art gallery, and I had to look at each one carefully and to fully absorb their message. Alix and I talked creative process, spontaneity and collecting of materials. I was so moved that I decided to take a piece of this wearable art for myself.

Alix of Bohemia at Bergdorf Goodman

Alix of Bohemia at Bergdorf Goodman

The evening approached with a dinner at Lower East Sides’s newly renowned, Rebelle, a Parisian eatery being celebrated for it’s extensive wine list and unique dishes. I ended the night at an art party at Red Bull Studios featuring the work of Jonah Freeman, Justin Lower and Jennifer Herrema.

NYFW Day One Recap


This week 303 Magazine follows Goldyn and our friend, blogger Among the Colors as we embark upon our buying trip at New York Fashion Week. Read on below for our review of day one via 303 Magazine.


Vanessa Barcus, owner of Goldyn boutique in the Highlands, along with Laura Krudener, of Among the Colors, are attending New York Fashion Week. Vanessa and Laura are exclusively reviewing NYFW for 303 Magazine.
 Read day 1 of their experience below.


It’s day 1 of New York Fashion Week and there’s definitely an electric buzz to the air despite the light drizzle. We are both excited to explore what NYFW has to offer, each for our own purposes. Vanessa to do buying for the upcoming Spring 2016 season for Goldyn, and Laura to seek inspiration for both her art and her blog Among the Colors. What we do share is our laid back Colorado attitude and an interest for arts, music and culture that permeates within, yet also expands, the fashion industry. This sensibility is something that has grounded our friendship since we first met, and is something that connects us as creatives. As Coco Chanel said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideals, the way we live, what is happening.”

Follow us as we explore New York Fashion Week, and seek creative inspiration from the runway shows to the Chelsea galleries, from strangers we meet on the street to the farm-to-table meals we finish our day with over friends and conversations.

Creatures of Comfort


Today I was excited to check out the runway presentations from two very forward-thinking, fashion-insider brands, which are personal favorites of mine, Creatures of Comfort and Rodebjer.

First up, Creatures of Comfort’s Spring 2016 collection featured a bevy of looks in earthy, natural fabrics and a generally light color palette (other than occasional pops of vivid red). The diaphanous, flowing shapes were meant to evoke the sunlight-drenched seaside city of Marseille, France, and I dare say they achieved just that. Wide legs, along with oversized and layered, drapey shapes, abounded.


The earthy tones continued with Swedish designer Rodebjer, who made her debut this summer as a part of the Goldyn roster of designers. A highly conceptual collection that leans toward a bohemian sensibility, the notes on her Spring collection spoke of tranquility and calm.

The evocation worked, as the scene in the beautiful skylight-lit loft, where the show took place, felt especially zen-like.

Again, layers of muted colors with a few pops of a modernist print, monochromatic dressing and natural materials in drapey, oversized shapes permeated the collection in a way that was beautiful and effortless.

Vanity Projects


I started the day off at Vanity Projects, a luxury concept that merges a high-end art atelier with video art programing. The founder, Rita de Alencar Pinto, and I go back to my undergraduate days in San Francisco and have been dear friends since. So I never miss an opportunity to support her nail art vision, especially not during Fashion Week.

My concept was nude, natural and black with geometric shapes and lines, nailed by artist Maco Kawasaki.

After Vanity Projects, I met up with Vanessa at Creatures of Comfort. I was really taken by the subtle primary hues of the show, as well as the muted green tweed fabrics. I have begun experimenting with natural dyes in my art studio practice, so seeing this on the runway was a pleasant surprise.

Keltie Ferris

I ended my day with a Chelsea art gallery stop to see the shows of three fantastic painters, Keltie Ferris at Mitchell-Innes & Nash galleryPaul Henry Ramirez at Ryan Lee gallery, and Kysa Johnson at Morgan Lehman gallery.

It was a rare find to find these three strong painters exhibiting work on the same night and they all brought a vibrant and energized finished to the pale gray New York City skies.

Stay tuned for more NYFW runway reviews from Vanessa and Laura – exclusively on 303 Magazine



Fall 2015 Trend Preview: Ways to Wear

The past few seasons have been all about bold silhouettes, and you’re not alone if they’ve had you stumped for styling options. But classic layers and whimsical accessories make them surprisingly versatile to take you right into fall. Below, some tips on tackling some of autumn’s biggest trends you’ll want to live in come work, play and September.
Silhouettes of Fall 2015
Culottes. The hip sister of timeless cropped trousers, culottes may be the season’s hottest pant shape. Whether you choose a pair in silk, wool or leather, they play just as well with a cozy pullover as with your favorite white t-shirt and a polished blazer. Complement the cool-art-gallery-owner vibe of the pants with one other bold piece, such as a statement necklace. But keep the rest of your accessories classic – think a minimalist handbag and loafers or ankle booties – to avoid “fashion victim” territory.
Monochromatic separates. This fall’s most prolific skirt silhouettes are not your play-it-safe pencil variety. Pants-optional gets playful with origami shapes, ultra-feminine midis, and ’60s-inspired button-up minis. Tone-on-tone dressing in soft neutrals like gray, ivory and camel has also dominated the runways and street-style blogs as of late, and grounds any bold skirt shape by making you look effortlessly pulled together. Give a monochromatic look dimension by mixing luxe fabrics – pair a sumptuous knit turtleneck with a frothy tulle midi or suede A-line mini, and top the ensemble with a buttery-soft caramel leather moto jacket as an alternative to black to keep it feeling light. Statement earrings and a wide-brim fedora add grown-up cheekiness, while a simple leather tote and booties balance with understated chic.
Jumpsuits. Take this breezy summer staple into the cooler months with layering staples – think a tissue-thin silk blouse or cashmere sweater underneath, and a leather jacket on top. A wide-leg silhouette plays to the jumpsuit’s throw-it-on ease and lets your accessories do the heavy lifting – details like layered necklaces, a bucket bag and (you guessed it) booties elevate the look to street-style-worthy.
Shop the Accessories at Goldyn:

Designer Profile: Pamela Love

In (eager) anticipation of Pamela Love’s jewelry trunk show at Goldyn this Saturday, August 8th, my thoughts on her Instagram as major life goals, the piece I’m dying to add to my own jewelry box, and a peek at her new collection.

Pamela Love’s Instagram page is a moodboard of serious #Lifespo, made up of tempting photos of her jewelry, interspersed with enviable travel shots to awaken anyone’s wanderlust and snaps of Pamela herself, a waifish woman with a chiseled face and intense stare made for the Instagram age.

Pamela Love. Photo: Skye Parrott

Pamela Love. Photo: Skye Parrott

But the page is more than just a beautiful edit in itself. It’s an extension of the earthy-edgy aesthetic of the Pamela Love line and paints a story of the woman who wears it – bohemian-spirited but refined, a little raw but with an affinity for the finer things, and modern and easygoing all the way through. Her pieces are at once tame enough for everyday and yet so thoughtful in their design that they’re made for a wearer who knows how to make herself feel like a million bucks.

Frida ear jacket. Photo credit: Instagram

Frida ear jacket. Photo: Instagram   (@pamelalovenyc)

For me, the piece to dream about is the Frida ear jacket. A luminous opal stud backed by three diamond-encrusted gold feathers, it’s the type of must-have showstopper to persuade me that paycheck (or several) it may take didn’t mean that much to me anyway. I don’t believe in love at first sight when it comes to men, but I’m not nearly as cynical when it comes to jewelry – Frida has me hook, line and sinker. I suspect the same story of every woman who’s taken with the line – whichever Pamela Love piece claims her heart, the infatuation is immediately gripping and deeply visceral. 

Talon cuffs

Talon cuffs. Photo: Instagram  (@pamelalovenyc)

Pamela Love’s eponymous jewelry line started out of her Brooklyn apartment in 2006, and since then has seen a meteoric rise with attention from the likes of Vanity Fair, Elle, and Interview, even snapping up the CFDA award for Accessory Design in 2013. Her passion for other art forms, such as painting and sculpture, has an osmotic influence on her jewelry, and she approaches the craft as an art form. Nature and tribal themes take center stage in her designs; arrowheads, celestial bodies, feathers, snakes and talons are some of her most prolific motifs.

Pamela’s Fall 2015 collection, titled Sueño – Spanish for “dream” – lifts themes from traditional American Southwest designs and Mexican art, particularly the work of Frida Kahlo. The eagle is one standout adornment. In Pamela’s own words, it symbolizes “strength, freedom, and supreme vision” (source: The Denver Post).

It’s this collection of dreams she brings to Goldyn this Saturday for her can’t-miss trunk show from 1-7 PM. Come for a meet-and-greet with Pamela, and of course, champagne and treats. While you’re here, get tattooed by Minka Sicklinger or Denver’s own Patrick “Fish” King from a selection of amazing custom designs, all inspired by the Sueño collection. As always, Goldyn is where the party is.

Click here to view tattoo designs available from Minka Sicklinger, and email minkasicklinger@gmail.com for an appointment. Click here for designs from Patrick “Fish” King, and email patrick@elcmens.com for appointments. Space for both artists is limited.

All photos property of Pamela Love.

Staff Favorites for Transitioning into Fall

Its that time of the year where we are transitioning into fall, even though it is still hot out we have some great pieces that are perfect to wear now and then layer for the cooler weather. Some of our favorite new designers we’ve just recently started carrying are Simon Miller denim, Shaina Mote, & Henrik Vibskov.

Simon Miller denim is made from Japanese fabrics, hand dyed with indigo, & aged with advanced washing treatments for a vintage, clean feel. We love the classic Roy, perfectly distressed, & a casual fit for everyday wear. These jeans are incredibly versatile, pair with a plain t-shirt & sliders and you are ready for a hot summer day, or for when the weather gets cooler pair them with a slouchy sweater and some ankle booties.

Simon Miller Classic Roy $396.00

Shaina Mote is based out of California, she creates pieces that are sustainable & minimal. One of our favorites is the tie waist, dolman sleeve Ida dress. This beauty is such an interesting take on the classic LBD, it is so easy to transition this piece from summer to fall. Pair with simple black sandals for the summer, and into the fall with boots and tights.

Shaina Mote Ida Dress $308.00

Henrik Vibskov is one of our most interesting designers, his runway shows are known to be some of the most unique, creating interesting worlds that go along with his designs. His minimal designs are inspired by architecture & avant garde art. One of our favorite is the Ants dress, it has a unique fit & shape because of the structured design. This piece would be great in the summer with a pair of heels or sandals, then for the cooler days pair with a jacket & booties.

Henrik Vibskov Ants Dress $285.00

Part 2 of 2: Unearthen Jewelry + OLO Fragrance

Editorial photograph featuring bestselling bullet pendant.

Editorial photograph featuring bestselling bullet pendant.

With our joint trunk show for Unearthen Jewelry and OLO Fragrance happening at Goldyn tomorrow, July 16th, I caught Unearthen’s designer Gia Bahm for a few questions. One of the shop’s newest jewelry additions, the line already looks right at home in Goldyn with the decidedly raw aesthetic of its funky, cool-chick pieces.

With a collection ranging from bestselling bullet-and-crystal pendants to chakra pendulum necklaces filled with essential-oil fragrances, I was eager to pick the brain of the designer behind Unearthen’s visually arresting designs, and Gia did not disappoint. At the heart of her inspirations is a relatable childlike exuberance for the brilliance of the gemstones she uses; during our conversation, she often gushed in superlatives about their moving beauty. I found her enthusiasm, combined with a genuine belief in the energies inherent her materials, infectious. Below she traces her unlikely introduction into making jewelry with no formal training, her favorite stones of the moment, and why getting ripped off needn’t be a designer’s worst nightmare.

On her design process and how it influences her raw, earthy aesthetic…

I think my process of discovering how to make jewelry was a huge part of it. I’m very particular about my designs and I felt as though making everything in wax was the best way for me to have things look the way I wanted them to, rather than making them on a computer and sending them [out] and then seeing them in real life – it’s really hard for me to not have that connection of holding [something] in my hands. I’m definitely a really hands-on person.

I think also my lack of having been taught a certain way by someone really helped me to just be really creative about [the way] I would think about how something would sit in a setting. I mean, a lot of settings that we make – we have a jeweler in our studio that sets all our stones and does all of our production, basically, and she’s really unconventional as well – I’ve worked with several jewelers who just couldn’t even wrap their minds around how the stone would actually stay in the setting, because it just made no sense to them. Which is funny, because it totally works – it’s just a different way of doing [things] that wasn’t put into their minds by their training. So that’s a huge part of my process – just sitting with things and thinking about how they could be different, exciting and new; pushing the envelope in a different direction.

I really like it when things have more than one function; for instance, the pendulum necklaces that hold the perfume, the watches that have crystals on top, even the first thing [I made], the bullet with the crystal. It’s kind of been a theme that I try to think about and invent new ways to carry that idea. I love when a design can function on a number of different planes – like when something is a really cool, say, stepping stool, but it can also be a chair (laughs).

On the conception of the bullet pendant and how it led to the start of Unearthen…

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 5.39.08 PM

Bullet pendants

[The bullet pendant] was how I started the company. I had never really gotten into crystals that much or anything; I was a real punk rocker in high school, and then got into fashion a little bit later.

But I had a friend that was in town [in New York], and she wanted to go look at crystals for, I don’t know, her hormone balance or something. At Madison and 34th there was this little crystal store that was very fancy and really well-organized; it didn’t have that hippie-crunchie-patchouli feeling. I remember thinking it was like being in a museum, kind of. It was just totally intriguing to me…it became this really fun library that I could go to all the time. So I got really into it and would learn about things – the way the structures of the crystals formed, the different categories of barrels, ways they all can grow differently, why they’re colored certain ways because of rust or whatever sediment.

So I just started collecting [crystals]. At the store there was one set in a tube, and I thought, That could be a bullet casing. That would be trippy! [It was] exactly what I’m talking about – this duality of taking something and making it function in a different way. So I went to the army-navy surplus store and got one of those keychains I had in high school when I was a punk (laughs), and pulled out the fake bullet and put some of my crystals in there. I thought, I have to make these, so I started making them for my friends, and people really liked them.

I was at the age where I thought it was the time to start something for myself. I had two goals; I wanted to be in Barneys and I wanted Opening Ceremony to be my showroom, and both those things happened right away.

[The bullet pendant] has definitely been our biggest-selling jewelry piece still to this day, which is great considering how much it’s been knocked off and how it’s now just considered a style rather than one of my [unique] designs. At first, it was really upsetting to me because it was the only thing I had ever designed, and I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to make anything else, but then it really pushed me to think of other things, which is so important. So the watches were next, then the Prism Rings, and it just really blew up from there and expanded.

I’d love to know more about the pendulum necklaces which correspond to different chakras. Can you talk a little bit about the concept of chakras, and then also about how the different necklaces and their fragrances embody them?

I worked with another company when we made those, and she really specialized in knowing about what different essential oils went with certain chakras. So I kind of left it up to her to do that part of it.

I picked the stones based on my research – a lot of it is color-based. Your crown is a bright white color; your third eye is a purple; your throat is a soothing blue, so you could use turquoise or lapis – we’ve done both. We have amethyst as the third eye. We had selenite for a little while as the crown, but selenite’s very fragile, and now we have it as howlite. The heart one can be green, but we also like the idea of it being rose quartz, because it’s such a heart-healing stone. Then there’s your solar plexus, which is kind of a bright orangey color, and your sacral, which is red, and then your root, which is black. I think it can maybe be brown or something too – it’s just your base; your rooted chakra.

I love the throat one – I think that one’s really cool because a lot of people have a hard time communicating, and so that’s a nice one to carry with you to help you through that. Your heart [chakra] is obviously really good; people always are feeling heartbreak or trying to work on their relationships, and that’s a really nice reminder.

They’re all reminders, kind of in the same way as astrology – life is going to be what you make it, ultimately. And things can always change…So you can carry this thing with you that will remind you of that, and help you set your intention and manifest whatever it is you want in your life. So I hope the things I make help people do that. I believe that crystals are really magical things; how they’re just made in the Earth.

To clarify, the chakras have to do with balancing different energies within the body, so to speak?

Yeah, ways to strengthen them. It’s not like at all times, every chakra is having a problem. Usually you’re going through something with one of them. If you ever have anyone do work on your chakras, they’ll usually pick one, or maybe a couple; when I’ve had people do that for me it’s just been one. So it’s good to have something that will help with that one thing.

Speaking to the properties of different stones, do you have any favorite ones you like to put in your designs because of their qualities or history?



I love clear quartz. I think it’s so pretty; it catches light in this really beautiful way, and can look really fancy. And the way that it forms – all the little shapes of it are so cool. We have names for all [the stones], and we call [quartz] the “Mental Massage”, just because it’s for all-purpose healing. It helps you focus, or interpret your dreams; it’s just a very soothing stone.

I really love malachite. It’s really beautiful…it’s a marble-y green with white in it, that you don’t really see in any other stone.



Amethyst is so beautiful, especially Veracruz amethyst…that one is this really bright, clear purple. It has a quality of quartz, because it’s in the same family. It kind of grows in the same way. The stones that I’m most obsessed with right now, and also seem like they’re the most popular with everyone else, are the really sparkly ones which are so fun and gorgeously mind-blowing.



We also started making a lot of stuff with little tiny geodes that are sliced in half – it’s like a little pod, almost. It just looks like a rock on the outside, and then you slice it open and there’s tons of little sparkly crystals and all these layers of color. They remind me of being a kid and getting one from a rock store…and [discovering] a whole little world in there. Pretty much our whole new holiday collection is [things like] geodes and opals.

Editorial photograph featuring geode slices

Editorial photograph featuring geode slices

We [also] used this quartz that is enhanced with platinum. They put it into a vacuum and inject platinum into it, and it sticks to the quartz permanently and turns this really opalescent, beautiful rainbow-y white color. It’s really wild. People seem really attracted to it; it’s so sparkly and light-feeling. It’s definitely more light stones I’ve been attracted to lately, rather than the darker side of things. (chuckles)

Are there any origin stories behind specific pieces you’d like to share?

The first time I carved anything in wax was when I made the prism rings, and I had this idea that I wanted it to look like it was braided hair. I had just moved to LA and didn’t have that many good casters or contacts yet here, so I was trying to figure out how I could take some sort of reed or horsehair or [other] natural thing and braid it and have it turn out exactly the way it was in my mind. And I had to cast so many things – I even went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and went through their fake-flower aisle and picked out whatever grasses and tried to braid those. Everything just wasn’t working.

Double Mini Prism Ring in Turquoise. Click to shop at Goldyn.

Double Mini Prism Ring in turquoise. Click to shop at Goldyn.

So that’s when I thought I needed to just carve it in wax. It seemed crazy and intricate and like it would take me forever. But I got wax and I sat at the kitchen table and started carving it, and it was just the coolest feeling. I’ve never been so happy in my life…It just was there all of a sudden – exactly what I wanted it to look like in my brain, but better because it was in my hand and I was able to really see it. It was a really cool moment for me that changed everything. It’s so interesting how life is when you think something’s really hard and you’re trying all these ways around it that seem easier, but really the easiest thing is just to do it. And then to have such a great result was just such a nice affirmation.

Can you describe the type of customer who you imagine to wear your jewelry?

It’s hard for me to pinpoint age, because I have a lot of older-lady clients who are just the coolest chicks who wear Unearthen, and younger people too. But maybe 25-55 is the range we typically see.

I think it’s the kind of person that whether she might want to be married, or want to have kids, or she already has those things, she’s doing things in her own way…just someone that’s really open and artistic and doing things a little bit differently, and appreciating that – having a really savvy, refined cultural identity; well-read and well-traveled. She’s probably in a creative professional field.

Overall, she has a happy, healthy lifestyle – interested in food; if she drinks, she loves wine. Maybe she’s into gardening. I see her as not necessarily religious, but spiritual – she believes in the powers of the universe.

I think her lifestyle is also a little bit about juxtaposition. She’s affluent, but not materialistic. She’s in tune with trends, but likes to pick and choose to create her own style and resists categorization. She’ll follow the rules when they seem relevant, but when she doesn’t she does it gracefully and not just for the sake of breaking rules. She may be focused on building her nest at home, but hankers to travel. She’s mildly rebellious.

It’s fun to dream of who that person is; it’s important. It’s something we just started doing recently – I would just design things for myself, basically, or things that I just thought were interesting. It’s fun to look at it in a different way. Paloma Picasso is one of our icons, and ‘70s Cher (laughs). It’s fun to pick out those ladies that you want to embody and translate their style into the designs.

How did you first cross paths with Goldyn?

Vanessa found me, actually. We were doing the Capsule trade show and she stopped by the booth. She was already aware of the brand…and just this last season when we had private appointments, she came and was able to really look through the collection and figure out exactly what she wanted for the store. [Vanessa] seems very thoughtful and definitely has a vision for things, and it’s important to be really focused on what you think you can sell.

Stop by Goldyn tomorrow, July 16th, from 5-8PM to shop Unearthen’s stunning collection (or at least for the free champagne).

Click here to learn about the properties of different stones used in the collection.

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